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Hello! My name is Shirley and I’ve been an Esthetician for 5 years. I’m very passionate about providing the services that I offer. I ‘m so glad you’re here. I know your time is valuable and I want you to feel like it’s worth it when you spend it with me. That’s why I promise a quality service and a inviting judge free space where everyone feels welcome and comfortable.

Waxing Services

Facial Waxing:

Full Face   $75

Cheek   $20

Lip   $13

Chin   $15+

Ears   $13

Nostrils   $13

Sideburns   $13

Neck   $17

Below the Belt:

Brazilian   $65

Male Brazilian   $100

Bikini Line   $40

Full butt   $75+

Butt Strip   $20

Arms and Legs:

Full arm   $65

Lower arm   $45

Shoulders   $40

Underarms   $30

Hands   $17

Lower legs   $50

Knees   $25

Feet   $17


Full stomach   $50

Full back   $95+

Upper back   $40

Lower back   $40

Chest   $65+

Stomach strip   $15

Nipples   $13


Male Brazilian and nostrils   $110

Male Brazilian, nostrils, and ears   $120

Brazilian and hydrojelly facial   $80

Brazilian and Lip   $75

Brazilian and underarm   $85

Signature Facial   $70


I charge 30% cancellation fee for any no-shows or cancellations within 48 hours of the scheduled appointment.

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